Tim and Gracie Davis, Owners

Tim and Gracie Davis, Owners



We are a family owned business and have lived and worked in Pasadena and Altadena, California for several generations. We love building, and seek to work closely with our clients to develop a vision and execute quality craftsmanship.


Every construction job poses its own challenges. What makes us unique is our ability to consistently craft solutions that maximize value and appeal.


Our company is built on our integrity. In addition to the Compliments tab on the upper menu, we would be happy to provide you with references you can contact directly. 

At Davis Brothers Construction, we strive to serve our clients with great quality building practices using only long lasting and properly selected materials and products. We enjoy building lasting relationships with our customers and their family and friends. We understand that a person’s home or place of business is an expression of themselves.  How it is designed, appointed and maintained can greatly affect overall quality of life. We come alongside our clients to help them create meaningful improvements that fit their budget and serve them for years to come. While we are certainly not the lowest cost builder, we know that in the long run our fine craftsmanship and lasting appeal bring a greater value to our customers than what can be had from budget remodelers. When you work with Davis Brothers you can rest assured that all our workers are properly trained and insured according to state law, and our sub-contractors are trustworthy, properly licensed professionals.  Many contractors come and go with the ebb and flow of the market, and are nowhere to be found when warranty work is required or new services need to be rendered.  On the contrary, general contracting is our chosen profession and we are committed to building and maintaining a lasting company that will be there to serve the next generation.  

President Tim Davis is an experienced building professional who has worked on a wide variety of building projects ranging from large custom homes to commercial warehouse spaces, as well as various small and large renovations, including: underbuilding on hillsides, additions, kitchens and baths, decks and patios, gates, fences, arbors, opening up floor plans, and more.